Circus Bacchus is a collective of performers based out of Flagstaff, Arizona started in August 2007 by a group of friends who believe that circus-style performance presents a unique medium for the art we wish to convey. In 2013, Circus Bacchus grew into the not-for-profit organization Bacchus Arts Collective, which includes several performance troupes and which hosts classes for the community.

Circus Bacchus is proud to feature acts such as strongmen, hula hoop, poi, aerial silks, trapeze, lyra, aerial pole, stilts, juggling, acrobalance, fans, burlesque, many dancers and often times fire! All of our acts are choreographed to the beautiful and exhilarating tunes provided by the Bacchus Family Band.

We have performed at:

  • The Coconino Center for the Arts
  • The Coconino County Fair
  • The Flagstaff Orpheum – Where we put on our very own Halloween and Christmas Shows!
  • Hullabalo (annually)
  • Cornucopia (annually)
  • Northern Lights Holiday Parade
  • The Hotel Monte Vista
  • The Green Room (Flagstaff, Arizona)
  • Northern Arizona University
  • Prescott’s Tsunami on the Square
  • First Fridays at Heritage Square
  • The Hub (Sedona, Arizona)
  • The Technomania Circus (San Diego, California)
  • Many other events around Northern Arizona including school and corporate events, and fundraisers

We love and embrace what we do, and have a great time doing it. For upcoming shows, keep an eye on the home page or find us on facebook; we’d love for you to come and have fun with us.

For booking information or related details, please contact us.




Interested in having Circus Bacchus perform at your venue or event? We’d love to!

Circus Bacchus is available for a wide range of performances, including;

  • Full Theatrical Productions with our own band
  • Perform with Bands
  • Charity Events
  • Book the band!
  • Wandering entertainment
  • Solo performers
  • Individual acts
  • Anything that helps the Flagstaff Community!

We have done over a hundred shows, mostly in Flagstaff, but are also willing to travel given the proper motivation. For questions and scheduling, please contact circusbacchusbooking@gmail.com!