Up hill both ways in the snow…

Thanks to everyone who came out last night and made the show happen. It takes a special crowd to sit in the snow to watch a circus, and it takes an even better crowd to motivate performers to stand in the snow in some of those costumes!

We’re all so excited to have a show under our proverbial belts and we look forward to bringing more Circus Bacchus to Flagstaff soon, so keep on the lookout for our next performance.http://greatvines.com/buy-cialis-now-online

Let It Snow

Many people have expressed concerns about the weather. We, the performers of Circus Bacchus, would like to reassure everyone that no snow will stop this show. We have gone out of our way to assure the warmth and comfort of our audience but please remember to dress warm and feel free to bring a blanket as well as your beverage of choice.viagra soft tabs