Circus Bacchus Takes on San Diego

Circus Bacchus recently had a show in San Diego with Technomania.  We had an excellent time,  a huge crowd.  We even stole one of their members!!  John is quite the gymnast and a very fun guy.  We’re happy to have him.  Also, he has a monkey costume (awesome, right?)

Welcome our newest member John!

And now, a bunch of photos of Circus Bacchus doing our thing:

The ladies, all dressed up behind stage.  Note the sign read: “NO ALCOHOL BACKSTAGE DURING SHOWS”  Atlas broke that rule.

The gorgeous Nicole.

The sassy Kayley.

The wonderful Katie Rabbit

Dr Techno is CLEARLY enjoying himself

Atlas became a zombie (Hooray slow exposure times)

Atlas makes pretzels.

In a slight blur you can see the beginnings of a monkey about to do a handstand flip onto Dan’s chest while on the bed of nails.

Kayley tied up.  Just the way we like her.

What Circus Bacchus show wouldn’t have fire?!

Pope vs Satan (Kerosene Keith and Dr Techno)

Kayley and Handy Randy

Atlas makes a few bucks.


John, moments before learning he needs to swing harder.

Thanks to all who came, and special thanks to Kerosene Keith, Dr Techno, and Technomania for this excellent opportunity!cash advance austell ga