Media Update – Recycled Art Show

Hey Everyone! Thanks again for coming out and sharing part of your evening with us. As you may have guessed we had a blast! Check out these two video’s the first, a slideshow shot and made by NAU student Emma Changose (mad props!) and the second, well, relive THE STILTEBEAST! Hope to see you all at Hullabaloo!


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Circus Plays the Opening Reception

“Ladies and … welcome to Circus Bacchus and the Recycled Art Show!”

Yes friends, these very words will ring through the halls of of the Coconino Center for the Arts auditorium Saturday evening for not one, oh no, but 2 shows!

Join us at 6:30pm and 7:45pm for two full shows, with Pretty Boy Basil and our fire performers bringing warmth to the cold Flagstaff nights in between shows (outside of course). We could type more, but the Center for the Arts wrote it up far far better. Read On or just visit the event page!


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