Those Sweet Sweet Tunes

Have you ever wondered about those crazy people behind the performers at our shows? Wondered where we found them to join us for the night? Well, they’re actually part of the group!┬áThe Bacchus Family Band came together in the spring of 2010 after Bacchus himself, being pleased with Circus Bacchus for their dutiful service to jubilance and revelry, breathed inspiration into the members such that they would conceive the amazing idea to form a band. A call was put out to the community and, with the swift providence that accompanies all endeavors blessed by Bacchus, a band sprung up spontaneously and without delay to heed the call.

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For the past two years, the Bacchus Family Band has been aging together like a fine wine in the service of invigorating Flagstaff’s spirit of revelry and shared enjoyment. Composed of somewhere between 8 and 11 talented (usually multi-) instrumentalists, BFB has the luxury of playing an extremly diverse repertoire of musical styles and arrangements to accompany the wide variety of different acts that Circus Bacchus performs, and usually original compositions to boot! BFB’s pleasure is to lift the hearts of Flagstaff to dance, laugh and forget ourselves together.

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